Decoding the Meaning Behind “After Dark” – A Closer Look at Mr. Kitty’s Lyrics

The song After Dark by Mr. Kitty has multiple meanings. Let’s explore interpretations together.

Meaning of the Lyrics in Details

Let’s start with my commentary piece by piece of the song.

“I see you, You see me, How pleasant, This feeling, The moment, You hold me, I missed you, I’m sorry.”

(Right off the bat, the lyrics suggest an emotional reunion between two people who have been separated for a while. The singer has been looking forward to this and has possibly been longing for the comfort of being held by the person in question. The ‘I’m sorry’ implies a sense of regret, which could be related to why they were separated in the first place or a general sorrow for not being together.)

“I’ve given, What I have, I showed you, I’m growing, The ashes, Fall slowly, As your voice, Consoles me.”

(Here, there’s a sense of self-reflection and maturity. The singer is indicating they’ve put forth all their effort (‘I’ve given, what I have’) and demonstrated personal growth (‘I showed you, I’m growing’). The mention of ‘ashes’ could symbolize past mistakes or loss, but rather than being consumed by it, they find consolation in the person’s voice.)

“As the hours pass, I will let you know, That I need to ask, Before I’m alone, How it feels to rest, On your patient lips, To eternal bliss, I’m so glad to know.”

(This part of the song appears to delve into feelings of trepidation and vulnerability. The singer wants to ask a question before being left alone, implying fear of isolation or separation. They yearn for the comfort of being close to the person, as suggested by ‘how it feels to rest on your patient lips’, indicating the importance and cherished nature of their physical connection.)

“We’re swaying, To drum beats, In motion, I’m feeling, My patience, Controlling, The question, I won’t speak.”

(There’s a potential sense of struggling with self-control in these lines. There’s a question that won’t be voiced, possibly because of fear of the answer or unwillingness to disturb the current peace. The ‘drum beats’ and ‘swaying’ convey a sense of rhythm and connection between the two people, reinforcing the importance of their relationship.)

“The night will hold us close, And the stars will guide us home, I’ve been waiting for this moment, We’re finally alone, I turn to ask the question, So anxious, my thoughts, Your lips were soft like winter, In your passion, I was lost.”

(The closing of the song culminates the anticipation felt throughout. The singer finally asks the question that’s been hinted at, while anxious thoughts trouble them. They find comfort and passion in their partner’s closeness, again accentuating the sense of emotional and physical attachment they share. The romantic imagery of the night holding them close and the stars guiding them home suggests a hope for a shared future.)

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After Dark performing After Dark

Meaning of the Song After Dark by Mr. Kitty

The song After Dark by Mr. Kitty has a key meaning that’s intriguingly layered, with every word and beat echoing a story. The opening lines “I see you, You see me” convey a raw connection – two souls in the same space, sharing the same moment. It’s like a painting that speaks to your soul. Like when you lock eyes with someone in a crowded room, and for a fleeting second, it’s as if the world stands still.

The phrase “How pleasant, This feeling” resonates deep within me. You know that unique sensation when you’re around someone who gets you without you having to explain? Yeah, it’s that feeling. It’s like being in sync with someone on a level words fail to capture.

“The moment, You hold me, I missed you, I’m sorry”. The remorse here is palpable. There’s this longing for a touch missed, an apology hanging in the air – raw and unadulterated. It reminds me of those times when words go unsaid, feelings unexpressed until it’s too late.

It’s incredible how Mr. Kitty blends regret and growth in “I’ve given, What I have, I showed you, I’m growing”. It echoes every time we give ourselves away while trying to become who we ought to be. Been there, done that – it’s real stuff!

The lyrics “The ashes, Fall slowly, As your voice, Consoles me” are particularly haunting. It’s like the aftermath of a fire – everything reduced to ashes. But there’s comfort amidst the ruins – in a voice that consoles and calms.

When he sings “We’re swaying, To drum beats, In motion”, I feel the rhythm of shared moments and experiences. The drum beats mimic heartbeats, the rhythm of life, with its ups and downs. It’s like those late-night dances when it’s just you and the music.

“We’re telling, The stories, Our laughter, He knows me” – Wow! This is where it gets personal. The laughter shared, the stories told – it’s all so human, so relatable. It’s as if Mr. Kitty is opening a window into his soul, letting us peek in.

As the song reaches its climax with “The night will hold us close, And the stars will guide us home”, I’m reminded of the solace that darkness can sometimes offer. The night acting as a cloak, concealing yet revealing. And the stars guiding us home – it’s almost like saying despite everything, there’s always a path leading home.
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“The night will hold us close, And the stars will guide us home” suggests a hopeful ending to me – even in the darkest of times, we’re never truly alone. The notion of stars guiding us home is comforting – like there’s always a glimmer of hope even in dark times.

Finally, “Your lips were soft like winter, In your passion, I was lost”. That’s deep! It’s an intoxicating mix of tenderness and passion – a dance between two extremes. I can feel the winter chill mixed with fiery passion – it’s beautiful and chilling at the same time.

All in all, After Dark speaks volumes about connection and disconnection, longing and fulfilment, love and loss. It echoes my own experiences and feelings. While Mr. Kitty might have had his unique perspective while penning this song, its beauty lies in its relatability – we’ve all been there in some way or another. It’s like he’s whispering our own stories back to us through his melodies – and that’s where magic lies.

Music Video

The first thing that catches your eye in the “After Dark” music video by Mr. Kitty is its intense neon aesthetics. It’s like a trip into a different realm altogether, an alternate reality of sorts. The video primarily uses color symbolism to convey its message.

The continuous shifts between shades of blue and red are hard to ignore. From my perspective, these colors could represent the protagonist’s fluctuating emotional states – blue for tranquility and red for intense passion or anger. It’s a bit like the ebb and flow of one’s feelings, you know?

There are these recurring images of a beautiful woman throughout the video. She seems lost and alone in a vast cityscape. This could imply feelings of isolation and loneliness – even in a place teeming with life.

The dancing sequences, on the other hand, symbolize freedom and self-expression. There’s something so captivating about losing yourself in the rhythm of the music, just dancing without a care in the world! It’s like… a temporary escape from reality.

Now, let’s talk about the glimpses of Mr. Kitty himself. His presence feels rather ethereal and detached from the real world, perhaps illustrating his struggle with inner demons or mental health issues.

A notable point is the distinct lack of interaction between characters in the video. Each individual seems to be locked in their own world, highlighting the growing disconnect amongst people in today’s fast-paced society.

Lastly, the sudden transition to sunrise towards the end signifies hope and a fresh start – reinforcing the idea that it’s always darkest before dawn.

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But hey, these are just my interpretations! It’s all about personal perspective and what emotions the video triggers in you. What’s your take on it?

Why I Wrote About Mr. Kitty Today

Meet the Author


Music is my universe – it’s the beats that get me out of bed, and the melodies filling my dreams. Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. I love songs with a lot of feels.

– Nalani

Hey, you know how it is, sometimes you just need that one song to express what’s been going on. For me today, that song was After Dark by Mr. Kitty. So, I’m just gonna dive right in and tell you about it.

I was coming home from a rather tiring day, you know? Just one of those days where everything seems a tad off. I mean, I’m human after all. I can’t always be at my best, right? Anyways, as I flopped down on my comfy sofa and scrolled through my playlist, After Dark caught my eye.

Now, let’s get something straight. This song isn’t your typical bubblegum pop or angsty rock tune. Nah, this is dark synthpop. The kind of music that burrows into your soul and stays there for a while.

I hit play and allowed the music to wash over me. Instantly, I felt a connection. It was like Mr. Kitty had seen into my day and put it into his lyrics.

“As you fall asleep…I’ll kiss you sweetly…This is not our last goodbye.” The words hit me like a truck! It felt like an ode to every moment that didn’t go right today, but also a reminder – things are going to get better.

I mean, isn’t that what life is about? Getting through the tough times knowing there’s always another chance tomorrow?

So yeah, that’s how After Dark kind of encapsulated my day. You should give it a listen too. Maybe it’ll hit you the same way it did me. It’s such a darkly beautiful song with a message that really resonates, ya know?

To me, it’s a song about perseverance. It’s about not giving up, even when things are at their darkest. And in a weird, almost comforting way, it made me feel less alone with my thoughts. Kinda cool, huh?

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