Decoding the Meaning Behind “Animal” – A Closer Look at Def Leppard’s Lyrics

The song Animal by Def Leppard has multiple meanings. Let’s explore interpretations together.

Meaning of the Lyrics in Details

Let’s start with my commentary piece by piece of the song.

A wild ride, over stony ground
Such a lust for life, the circus comes to town
We are the hungry ones, on a lightning raid
Just like a river runs, like a fire needs flame
Oh, I burn for you

(These lines scream of a raw, untamed desire for life and experience. It’s like saying we’re all on this intense journey, chasing our passions with fierce hunger, unstoppable as a river or a flame that needs to burn.)

I got to feel it in my blood, whoa, oh
I need your touch, don’t need your love, whoa, oh
And I want, and I need, and I lust, animal

(Here, it’s all about physical connection, a primal craving that’s more instinctual than emotional. The word ‘animal’ drives home that point of raw, visceral need, where touch is everything and love isn’t part of the equation.)

I cry wolf, given mouth-to-mouth
Like a moving heartbeat, in the witching hour
I’m running with the wind, a shadow in the dust
And like the driving rain, yeah, like the restless rust
I never sleep

(The imagery’s intense here, isn’t it? It’s like living on the edge, teetering between danger and excitement, always on the move. The ‘witching hour’ bit gives off a vibe of forbidden, mysterious encounters.)

I got to feel it in my blood, whoa, oh
I need your touch, don’t need your love, whoa, oh
And I want, and I need, and I lust, animal

(Again, the song hammers in the idea of an insatiable yearning, something that’s in the very blood of the person. It’s not about a romantic love; it’s about a carnal, almost savage desire.)

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Ooh! Oh! Cry wolf baby, cry tough
Going to hunt you like an a-a-animal
Going to take your love and run

(This part’s got a sense of the chase, of pursuing someone with a fierce intensity. But it’s not about a gentle pursuit; it’s more like a predator stalking its prey, capturing the thrill and then bolting.)

I got to feel it in my blood, whoa, oh
I need your touch, don’t need your love, whoa, oh
And I want, and I need, and I lust, animal

(And we’re back to that carnal chorus, driving home the theme of the song. It’s like a mantra, repeating the same deep-seated desires over and over, reinforcing that hunger.)

(‘Animal’ by Def Leppard is all about that primal instinct inside us, the part that craves the thrill of the chase and the heat of a touch. It’s not about the heart; it’s about the body’s call, the wild side that wants to be unleashed and run free. It’s about being an animal in the most human way possible.)

Animal performing Animal

Meaning of the Song Animal by Def Leppard

The song Animal by Def Leppard has a key meaning that really resonates with me. It’s like this intense, primal energy that just grabs you and pulls you in. The lyrics are so raw and powerful, they make me feel like I’m tapping into my most instinctual desires.

I got to feel it in my blood, whoa, oh – this line hits me hard. It’s like this deep longing and craving for something, but not being able to fully articulate it. It’s that feeling of being consumed by passion and not being able to escape it.

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When they sing And I want, and I need, and I lust, animal, it’s like they’re expressing this unapologetic hunger and yearning. It’s like embracing your wild side and not holding back, just giving in to your most primal instincts.

And I want (take me) – it’s like a plea, a desperate need to be taken over by this animalistic force. It’s this intense desire to be consumed by something greater than yourself, to lose control and just let go.

For me, the song Animal is about embracing the untamed, unfiltered parts of ourselves. It’s about giving in to our deepest desires and not being afraid to be consumed by our own passion. It’s like a reminder to tap into that raw, unapologetic energy that lies within us all.

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Why I Wrote About Def Leppard Today

Meet the Author


Music is my universe – it’s the beats that get me out of bed, and the melodies filling my dreams. Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. I love songs with a lot of feels.

– Nalani

Hey there, it’s Nalani again. I was just minding my own business the other day, you know, doing my thing, when “Animal” by Def Leppard started playing on the radio. Man, does that song ever bring back memories…

I was just coming back from a rough day at work, you know how it goes. Long hours, dull meetings and everything seemed to go wrong. I felt like an animal trapped in a cage.

When I heard the line in the song “And I want, and I need, and I lust, animal”, it hit me like a truck, no kidding! The sheer passion and desire of wanting something more in life… that’s exactly what I felt.

It made me think of my own life, you know? Like… am I really living or just surviving? Am I pursuing my passions or just existing? Do I crave life with all its ups and downs or am I just settling?

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The song is pretty rad and made me feel like I was understood. It’s like the lyrics were speaking to me. It wasn’t just about longing for someone or something, it was about feeling alive and yearning for more.

So yeah, “Animal” by Def Leppard… it isn’t just some random rock song from the ’80s. It’s a reminder that we’re all a little wild at heart, and sometimes we need to embrace that to truly live. What an amazing realization!

Well, that’s just me rambling. Anyway… What do you think about “Animal”? Ever had a moment where it made you reflect on your life?

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