Decoding the Meaning Behind “Only” – A Closer Look at RY X’s Lyrics

The song Only by RY X has multiple meanings. Let’s explore interpretations together.

Meaning of the Lyrics in Details

Let’s start with my commentary piece by piece of the song.

Lyrics: Coming from the cold Buried under heat Lay you on the floor Heavy like the force between us

These lyrics evoke a picture of a deep and intense romantic connection. The singer could be talking about coming from a place of emotional coldness or loneliness and finding passion (‘buried under heat’). The ‘force between us’ may symbolize the powerful pull or chemistry they feel towards their lover. They lay them on the floor, perhaps indicating a surrendering to these strong feelings.

Cut me like a rose Turn me like a beast Hold me on the floor Heavy like the force between us

The singer likens himself to a rose being cut and a beast being turned, showing that this love is transformative and slightly painful for him. Holding him down indicates a desire for emotional grounding in this tumultuous relationship. Again, he emphasizes the heaviness of their connection.

I was a ghost Halted in flight Kneeling There of the heart God undertow Feeling

This suggests he was previously a ‘ghost’ – emotionally disconnected or unseen. The relationship halted his flight, perhaps signifying how love made him stop running or hiding from emotional intimacy. The term ‘God undertow’ may signify that this overwhelming feeling is both divine and dangerous, like an undertow current.

I was only falling in love I was only falling in love I was only falling in love

The repetition emphasizes his surprise and innocence at these deep feelings – he was simply falling in love. It suggests that all these intense experiences were unplanned and unexpected, coming naturally with his emotional journey.

Coming from the cold Buried under heat Lay you on the floor Heavy like the force between us

Again, these lines stress the transformative nature of love, taking him from cold loneliness to passionate connection. The reference to laying his lover on the floor might symbolize both a physical and emotional surrender to the relationship.

Cut me like a rose Turn me like a beast Hold you to the floor Heavy like the force between us

He continues with the theme of transformation – love cuts and shapes him just like a gardener shapes a rose. Turning him into a beast could mean that his primal emotions are awakened by this experience. Holding his lover to the floor again suggests an intense and grounding connection.

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I was a ghost Halted in flight Bleeding There of the heart God undertow Feeling

The addition of ‘bleeding’ suggests that his emotional transformation may be painful or difficult. Despite this, he is willing to submit (‘kneeling’) to this overwhelming (‘God undertow’) emotion, which is centered in his heart.

And I was only falling in love I was only falling in love I was only falling in love I was only falling in love I was only falling in love

This repeated line drives home the point – he wasn’t planning for any of this. He was simply falling in love, unaware that it would lead to such intense and transformative feelings.

Coming from the cold Buried under heat Lay you on the floor I was only falling in love Cut me like a rose Turn me like a beast Hold you to the floor I was only falling in love I was only falling in love I was only falling in love.

The closing lines combine previous themes and reinforce the song’s message: Love is transformative, overwhelming, and unexpected. Despite any pain or challenges, he cherishes it because it has brought him warmth, passion, and a deep connection.

Only performing Only

Meaning of the Song Only by RY X

The song Only by RY X has a key meaning for me, it’s like a ghost story wrapped in layers of raw emotions. It’s about the terrifying force of love and how it holds us captive. “Coming from the cold, buried under heat”, the song begins, and I can’t help but feel a shiver down my spine, the contrast of icy solitude against the fiery embrace of love.

I feel a jolt of connection with the lyrics “Cut me like a rose, turn me like a beast”. It speaks volumes about how love can wound us, yet at the same time, it could transform us into something wilder. I often find myself reminiscing about my own experiences, times when love felt like a thorn piercing my heart and other times when it had set my soul ablaze.

When he sings “I was a ghost, halted in flight”, I feel the burden of unexpressed feelings. It’s as if he’s trapped between wanting to flee and yearning to stay. Isn’t that just how it is with love sometimes? It’s a constant push and pull, a tug of war between your heart and mind.

The recurring line “I was only falling in love” strikes me as incredibly poignant. It makes me ponder on how we often dismiss falling in love as something simple or common. But each fall is unique, filled with its own set of joys and heartbreaks. To trivialize it would be such a disservice to our own experiences.

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“God undertow” – this phrase brings an image of being pulled under by an irresistible force. To me, it mirrors the experience of falling in love – overwhelming and all-consuming. When you’re caught up in its currents, there’s really no fighting against it.

The haunting melody combined with RY X’s soulful voice create an atmosphere of melancholy and longing. It stirs up an amalgamation of emotions within me, reminding me of love lost and love found, the euphoria of the first fall and the despair of the final farewell. It makes me reflect on how beautiful yet tragically painful love can be.

Every time I listen to Only by RY X, I’m transported into a different realm. One where emotions run rampant and love is the merciless ruler. As RY X pours his heart out through his music, I find my own emotions resonating with his, finding solace in the fact that someone else too, knows what it’s like to be held captive by love.

So, you see, for me, Only isn’t just a song. It’s a journey, a tale of love’s paradoxical nature. It’s about embracing the pain that comes with the passion because at the end of the day, it’s all part of the grand spectacle we call ‘falling in love’.

Music Video

Man, you know what really gets me about RY X’s music video for “Only”? The symbolism. It’s heavy, dude.

The whole thing starts with this mysterious woman walking on a seemingly endless road. It’s pretty clear this represents a journey of some sort, maybe life itself?

As the video progresses, we see her exploring different landscapes. There are dense forests, rocky terrains and even what looks like ruins of some old buildings. She’s always alone, though. Could that mean that in life, we’re ultimately on our own? It’s a bit of a bummer but, hey, it’s deep.

I’ve gotta mention the constant change of scenery – it’s like life’s ups and downs. Unpredictable, huh? We don’t always know what’s around the corner and this music video captures that sentiment perfectly.

Did you notice how she keeps going despite the harsh conditions? Even when it’s raining or super windy, she continues. Guess that could symbolize resilience or perseverance in face of life’s adversities. Admirable, right?

I also love the minimal use of color in the video – lots of whites and greys with pops of color from nature itself. Feels like it adds to the somber mood. It’s melancholic yet beautiful.

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A lot to unpack here – definitely makes me appreciate RY X and the thought put into this piece of art even more! What do you think?

Why I Wrote About RY X Today

Meet the Author


Music is my universe – it’s the beats that get me out of bed, and the melodies filling my dreams. Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. I love songs with a lot of feels.

– Nalani

Hey there, it’s me, Nalani. I got something to share with you today. Had a wild ride with RY X’s song ‘Only’ as the soundtrack to my day, and it was something else!

So, I was having one of those days…you know the type. Everything going in all directions, like an angry storm of events. Needed a break.

As soon as I hit play, the very first line of the song caught me off guard. “You’re my fear and you’re my calm,” RY X sang. Now isn’t that a punch to the gut? That line just connected with my whole day.

I mean, think about it – our fears and calms are often the same things. And today, that’s just how it felt.

The chaos was terrifying and comforting all at once. Scary because it was so out of control, but calming because…well, it was familiar.

The meaning behind the lyrics hit me hard. It got me thinking about how even when things are tough, there’s a certain beauty in finding peace in the chaos.

It made me realize that maybe my wild day wasn’t so bad after all. It just gave me a different perspective to look at things.

Just wanted to share that bit with you, you know? Sometimes music has this crazy way of making us see things in a new light.

I’m off now but remember this: even in the chaos, there’s calm to be found. Take it from RY X and me!

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