Decoding the Meaning Behind “Verbatim” – A Closer Look at Mother Mother’s Lyrics

The song Verbatim by Mother Mother has multiple meanings. Let’s explore interpretations together.

Meaning of the Lyrics in Details

Let’s start with my commentary piece by piece of the song.

“I wear women’s underwear
And then I go to strike a pose in my full length mirror
I cross my legs just like a queer
But my libido is strong when a lady is near, ya”

(To me, these lines are about challenging societal norms and expectations of masculinity. The singer indulges in actions typically associated with femininity, like wearing women’s underwear and posing in front of the mirror, yet admits to having a strong sexual attraction to women. It reflects an internal struggle with gender identity, expressing the idea that one’s actions or preferences in clothing don’t necessarily define their sexual orientation.)

“What defines a straight man’s straight?
Is it the boxer in the briefs or a 12 ounce steak?
I tell you what a women loves most
It’s a man who can slap but can also stroke”

(These lyrics further delve into questioning societal notions of masculinity. The singer questions whether being straight is defined by outwardly masculine traits like eating meat or being physically assertive. They challenge the listener to consider that women might appreciate a man who can balance both assertive and gentle behaviors.)

“Goin’ in the wind is an eddy of the truth and it’s naked
It’s verbatim and it’s shakin’
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no more gettin’ elated
No more listless invitations”

(Here, I think the singer expresses feeling lost and uncertain. The ‘eddy of truth’ symbolizes a whirlwind of realizations that are difficult to accept. They’re tired of fleeting happiness (‘no more getting elated’) and empty offers (‘listless invitations’), indicating a desire for authenticity and meaningful connections.)

“For the love of fuck
For the sake of Pete
Did you ever really think you’d love a guy like me?
I am the rooster in the morning
I’m the cock of the day
I’m the boxer in the briefs
I’m a 12 ounce steak”

(These lines carry an air of self-deprecation, with the singer doubting that anyone could love someone like him, who contradicts societal expectations. However, he also reasserts his masculinity through imagery traditionally associated with manliness, like being the ‘rooster’ (alpha male), boxing, and eating steak.)

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Verbatim is a nuanced exploration of gender identity, masculinity, and societal expectations. The song invites us to think beyond binary constructs and consider that our identities are not defined by society’s narrow definitions. It’s an empowering anthem for those who dare to defy norms and be true to themselves.

Verbatim performing Verbatim

Meaning of the Song Verbatim by Mother Mother

The song Verbatim by Mother Mother has a key meaning for me. It feels like a contemplation on the arbitrary nature of gender and societal norms. When I first heard the lyrics, “I wear women’s underwear and then I go to strike a pose in my full-length mirror,” it shook me. It felt like an embrace of fluidity and an open invitation to explore our identities beyond societal constructs.

I mean, think about it: “What defines a straight man’s straight? Is it the boxer in the briefs or a 12 ounce steak?” These lines are so powerful, aren’t they? They’re asking us to rethink these traditional markers of masculinity. Are they really defining factors or just superficial stereotypes? This line always stirs me up with its audaciousness.

The raw honesty of this song, its complete unapologetic nature – it makes my heart race. “I cross my legs just like a queer, but my libido is strong when a lady is near.” That’s real, that’s breaking boundaries. It’s like it’s urging us to accept that sexual orientation and masculinity are not mutually exclusive. They’re different spectra and we don’t have to confine ourselves within the binaries.

But then again, there’s an undertone of vulnerability too. Like when they sing, “I live by a hospital and every day I go out walking past its sickly windows. I see people dying there but my tender age makes it hard to care.” Isn’t that how we all feel sometimes? Observing the world around us but not being able to connect fully because of our own realities.

And let’s not forget the humor laced throughout the song. “Incinerator and a big smoke stack. It’s a phallic symbol and it makes me laugh.” Mother Mother is clearly having fun with these symbols of traditional masculinity, turning them on their head. It’s refreshing to see such playfulness in a song dealing with heavy topics.

The song ends on an energetic note, “I am the rooster in the morning, I’m the cock of the day, I’m the boxer in the briefs, I’m a 12 ounce steak.” It’s like a rallying cry, embracing all these contradictory elements of masculinity and just being true to oneself.

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Verbatim is such a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me – it’s raw, it’s real, it’s challenging. It shakes me up every time I listen to it. And maybe that’s the point. To shake us out of our complacency and make us question our preconceived notions. To urge us to be true to ourselves, no matter what society tells us.

Music Video

There’s just something about that video that gives me the chills. The way it’s set up, the imagery, it all speaks volumes, you know? It’s not your regular type of music video.

The whole black and white aesthetic, it’s pretty cool right? But there’s more to it than meets the eye. I reckon it might be a way to emphasize the monotonous and structured nature of the world. It gives off this feeling of emptiness, you know? Kinda makes me feel trapped in a cycle…just going with the flow without questioning anything.

Then there’s that guy in the red tie. He stands out from everything else around him. He looks like he’s trying so hard to fit into the norms of society, right? But he just can’t seem to find his place. His discomfort…I can almost feel it…almost like he’s suffocating.

And those dolls…jeez! They’re kinda creepy, aren’t they? They’re all identical, faceless figures that seem to symbolize conformity. Kinda makes you wonder if we’re losing our individuality and becoming just like everyone else.

The bit where he starts pulling out his stuffing…now that was something. It felt like he was trying to strip away at what made him ‘him’, just so he could fit in. It makes me think about how far some of us would go just to feel accepted.

So yeah, that’s what I think about the video. But remember, art is subjective – you might see things differently. And that’s totally okay.

Ultimately, it’s about how you connect with it. So tell me, what do you see?

Why I Wrote About Mother Mother Today

So there I was, just chilling on my couch, and I put on “Verbatim” by Mother Mother. Have you ever listened to it?

There’s this particular line that hit me – “Your life could be easy”. Man, it just took me for a ride. It was as if the song was talking to me.

I had one of those days, you know. You wake up, and everything just seems to be going downhill.

The coffee maker broke, my laptop decided to do a surprise update right in the middle of my work, and don’t even get me started on the weather!

As I listened to that line, it just resonated with me. It’s like a plea for simplicity amidst chaos.

My life, at that moment, was far from easy. But hey, maybe it’s not about the ease of things; maybe it’s about how we handle the complicated stuff that life throws our way.

I mean, imagine if life was always easy. Wouldn’t we miss out on the beauty of growing and evolving through challenges?

I guess what Mother Mother was trying to tell us is that the value in life comes from its complexity and not its ease. That’s pretty deep stuff right there!

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. We all have those days when nothing goes right.

But maybe those are the days when we learn the most about ourselves. Those are the days that mold us into stronger individuals.

So yeah, listening to “Verbatim” by Mother Mother gave me some interesting insights. Next time you listen to it, let it soak in.

It might make you see your chaotic day in a whole new light. I know it did for me.

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